Built with the passion for all things about winter, Mountain Adventure Ski Resort & School offers visitors a truly exalting experience. Our location was selected especiall due to it’s easy accessability and it’s charming landscape, situated near Sheep Mountain in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our story takes us back to 2009, where the concept first appeared.

The man behind it all

Frank Smith, the owner and originator of the idea behind Mountain Adventure’s formation, hails from the town that our resort is closest to. Frank has been passionate about winter sports since the age of 9, being skilled in mountain skiing, snowboarding and amateur ski jumping. His passion for this has led him wanting to open a place suitable not only for seasoned skiers, but also for beginners. Apart from skiing, Mr.Smith worked in various positions at ski resorts located in the Rocky Mountains, but also the entire Alp region in Europe.

Safety first

The mountains can be a place of unforgettable experiences, but it could be potentially dangerous, especially when the weather becomes unfavorable. Having this in mind, our resort has a team of rescuers, ready to jump into the fray to ensure that everyone is taken back to safety. We also closely work alongside the Mountain Guard, and in the case of injuries, we can guaranteed quick transport.

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